5 reasons why it’s difficult to find a good man

Many women would admit that it is now hard to find a good man. You can blame the society to some extent for such miserable condition. Here are five reasons why it’s hard to find a good man to date.

There are too many options

It’s good to have options. But when you have too many options, it’s confusing. Now there are lots of options available. A guy can just sit down at a cowboy dating app and get endless options of women to choose from. So, they don’t concentrate on one woman.

Marriage is slowly becoming obsolete

There was a time when people couldn’t wait to get married. Now people don’t think of marriage much. They don’t want to get involved in a long-term relationship. People are now very open minded about relationships.

Technology is creating distance

People are now more engaged with iPhone and other electronic gadgets. They find very little time to get involved in a serious relationship. Their main source of joy is their favorite gadget.

Childish attitude of man

Many men now suffer from a ‘Peter Pan Syndrome.’ These men don’t want to grow up. They are afraid to become responsible. They are too childish to find a girl and fall in love.

Afraid of commitment

Many men are afraid of getting into any serious commitment. Now it’s very normal to have ‘no-strings-attached’ kind of relationships. So, people tend to avoid relationships that need commitment.

These changes in thoughts and our society are making it hard to find a good man for dating or having a long term relationship. Most men are scared of commitment, and so they run away from this kind of relationship.

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